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BME & Son's Inc. was incorporated on Guam in May 1986 when founders Bernie V. Maranan, Bernadette P. Maranan and Danny P. Natividad formed the company. The business started with smaller projects and primarily as a subcontractor - specializing in mechanical works, repair and maintenance, renovation, carpentry and commercial and residential homes. At the onset, it employed only 10 highly skilled professionals. With its developing good reputation, demand for BME's construction services grew. In 1991, the company engaged more projects that subsequently required increasing staff by hiring H2 workers from the Philippines.

The company grew progressively concurrent with the development and need of construction services on Guam. The catalysts for the company's rapid growth were:

  • The growing visitors industry requiring building of more hotels and tourism infrastructure.

  • Increased demand for construction services badly needed in the recovery from devastations caused by a series of typhoons that passed through the island.

  • Increased U.S. military presence which required building construction or renovation of numerous military facilities

All of these factors brought in more bid projects and continued growth in business. It was at this period that the business started offering more comprehensive services in design work. This gave BME the opportunity to engage in to contracting and subcontracting for larger scale bid projects. BME also aggressively put out bids for projects within the military bases - U.S. Navy and Air Force. These projects established the company's good reputation and a lasting relationship with the Federal Government.


To provide superior construction services to our customer by creating successful partnership with them through the construction progress


To be known as the contractor and equipment rental of choice on the island of Guam. To provide services that will contribute to the general betterment of the community through the safe and aesthetic facilities, creation of meant jobs and community involved.

Today, the company's gross annual turnover is estimated at $??M, and total personnel of ?? skilled professionals and ??? skilled workers. The company is one of few construction companies on Guam that is certified with insurance bonding capacity of $15 million level for single project, and is as high as $45 million for aggregate projects. Supported and entrusted by Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland.


To establish and develop lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining credibility and outstanding reputation through exceptional performance for every project by every member of the BME's construction team. Moreover, we understand the need for qualified operators, dependable equipment and dedicated employees to accomplish the task involved in this highly competitive field.



The Guam Congress/Legislature Building project is the first and only project on Guam to earn the highest certification level for creating environmentally responsible and efficient structures. The PLATINUM LEED Certified (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) was awarded to BME last 2017.

Construction of the building included prevention of pollution at the building site during construction and use emitting interior finishes. Also low or no consumption of power through solar collection and reduced water use through water efficient.

Contributions to the LEED Certification came by way of restoration of wood fixtures including the window shutters and hardware, railings and balusters, the chandelier light fixtures in the lobby and the light casings in both the public hearing room and session hall.

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