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Marine Service Life Extension Wharf Repair

Total Amount: $5,447,098.00

Completion Date: December, 2016

Scope of Work:

Survey of existing project structures prior to start of work to verify and determine extent repairs. Demolition, removal and disposal of existing steel and concrete. Removal and proper disposal of abandoned fender units, marine batteries and other items from mudline. Demolition & removal of 12 inch wide strip of concrete slab around all row E precast concrete piles of Cargo Berth F5. Removal of spur rail and repair of area by filling in and compacting asphalt concrete to match existing grade along the spur rails. Application of a concrete protective coating system to under deck above water line structure of Cargo Berth F5 to minimize moisture & chloride penetration. Application of epoxy based splash zone protective layer on the concrete piles. Installation of ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) crane bumpers on existing crane stops.

Marine Wharf.png
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