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Tumon Bay Mall & Tumon Bay Mall (Bus Shelter)

Total Amount: $4,151,958.00 & $120,000.00

Completion Date:  May, 2017

Scope of Work (Tumon Bay Mall):

Grading (cut & fill) up to required finish grade elevation. Works include excavation, backfilling & compaction of utilities, underground electrical, 7 retaining wall and infiltration basin. Cut & fill for roadways & parking lots. Construction of concrete headwall & riprap apron at infiltration basin. Installation of chainlink fence & gates, installation of all utilities/infrastructure such as storm drainage pipelines, manholes and covers, water distribution system, electrical manholes, and electrical handholes. Asphalt pavement installation including 8" compacted basecourse, concrete curb gutter, concrete ramp and concrete sidewalk. Construction of concrete retaining walls & transformer pad. Construction of underground water tank and landscape with Japanese grass seeding.

Scope of Work (Tumon Bay Mall Bus Shelter):

Construction of 4 unites of bus shelters.

Tumon Bay Mall Bus Shelter.png
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